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James A. Munyan
(865) 551-9790
204 E Butler Rd
Mauldin, SC 29662

An IT professional seeking to gain further knowledge and skills from a reputable company while simultaneously becoming invaluable by demonstrating his extensive experience in the information technology field as well as strengthen his skills as a salesman and furthering his knowledge in any other fields that he may come in contact with.

Professional Experience

DOM360 / Dealer Online Marketing  / Donovan Dominguez Interactive / GCB
Greenville, SC
2010 – Present
Manage and maintain CRM systems for a wealth of clients
Built many microsites for SEM/SEO purposes
Work with Dreamweaver/Photoshop/Illustrator and Adobe Creative Cloud
Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X support
Network Administrator / Server Administrator / Systems Administrator
Phone system (VOIP and pots lines) Administrator
Embedding of flash and other elements into sites for client to add functionality to limited sites
Managed Building Maintenance and Security
Managed Development for mobile apps and websites
Worked with Wordpress and Joomla Sites all custom built.
Use PHP/CSS3/HTML5/Javascript to build custom parts for clients websites. 

Computer Repair
Greenville, SC
1999 – Present

Owner – Technician and web developer/Designer
Installed many corporate networks and insured security of data and sharing.
Designed Logos, graphics, and advertisements
Helped design effective interactive web sites for users.
Built quality computers for personal and professional clients.
Built a large client list, mostly professional clients, in the upstate.
Built database driven websites using Cold Fusion Studios, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash, MySQL, MSSQL, Microsoft FrontPage and Microsoft Access.
Installed Home networks and Business networks, including routers, switches and Wireless networks.
Help tutor clients in many software suites and applications to help prevent the client from having to have an on-site repair or help to fix simple problems, which helps reduce the stress on the client as well as gives the client a better sense of worth and knowledge of what they are really doing on the computer.

Mellow Mushroom
Greenville, SC
07/2005- 05/2006

Worked in kitchen preparing food that was time oriented.
Preparation of foods for a later time.
Cleaning of store and checking to make sure others also cleaned up their areas everyday.
Team oriented work environment.
Dealt with training new employees on how to handle the new environment and taught them tips and tricks to help them become better employees and the ability to handle the stress of time management in order to have the orders come out all at the same time.

Motion Forward Tech
Columbia, SC
02/2005- 05/2005 and 02/2008 – 05/2008

Data Processing, Development
ASP, PHP, Javascript, VBScript, PhotoShop
Dealing with merging databases and data files to help keep a up-to-date database
Web site design and management of many websites. (200+ sites)
DNS Management (200+ entries)
IIS & Apache – configuration and maintance
MsSQL & MySQL – configuration and maintance
Macromedia Products – Dreamweaver, Coldfusion, Flash and Fireworks
Custom OS support for – Windows 2000 pro and Adv. Server, FreeBSD, and Mandrake Linux

Paper Solutions, Inc.
Greenville, SC
08/2004- 02/2005

Data Processing
Using Microsoft Office 2003 on a daily basis
Using PostalSoft to presort and CASS certify databases of mailing addresses
Merging databases or spreadsheets to office documents to provide custom mailings
Web site design and management
Handled recreations of logos and graphics for printed mailings.
Converting output files into spreadsheets and databases.

Great Steak & Potato
Greenville, SC
07/2004- 12/2004 and 05/2006-11/2006

Cashier, Cook, and Various jobs
Working with the public on a day to day basis.
Able to take orders from management
The ability to listen to orders and remember them and complete each one with speed and accuracy
Cash Register experience as well as being able to sell the client what they want and be able to describe to them what they ordered and help them be able to order the next time.

John H. Munyan Machine Works
Greenville, SC
Machinist, CNC programmer
Programmed and designed custom parts to order.
Set-up machine to runs.
Checked parts for accuracy and quality assurance.

Greenville, SC

Cable Installer
Installed CAT5, CAT3, and fiber cable
Installed routers, switches and hubs
Installed and configured PBX phone systems

Total IT, llc
Greenville, SC

Technician and Web Developer
Built Quality computers for clients.
Built reliable web sites for company and clients.
Used Dreamweaver, Photoshop and Frontpage
Advertisement and graphics designer.

Williamston, SC

Cabling Tech/ PC Tech/ Web Design
Web Designer
Network Engineer Assistant
On-site Assistant

Mauldin, SC

CNC Machinist
Operated CNC multi-head machines to create circuit boards.
Tested Design blanks to blue prints for accuracy and quality assurance.
Team based environment.
Teletech Teleservices
Greenville, SC

Customer Service Rep
Dealt with customer concerns and problems over the phone.
Used Windows NT 4.0 sp3 and UPS software to accommodate customers with delivery of packages and letters.

Greenville, SC

Computer Technician
Built quality computers.
Onsite repairs and installations
Web Development
Used Frontpage, Dreamweaver and Coldfusion Studios


ITT Technical Institute Computer Networking Systems 2003-2005

Graduation date March 2005 Awarded Honors
Awarded Perfect Attendance & Highest Honors repeatedly.
Nominated for National Dean’s List & for the National Vocational Technical Honor Society

Average GPA 3.82

Plans for the future:
To continue my education in the field of computer science.
Working towards CCIE certification

Additional Skills
On-site skills include experience in installing various types of cables and lines- CAT5, CAT3 and Fiber Cable in a corporate environment as well as in private locations for a variety of clients. Access and SQL database experience. FrontPage, Dreamweaver, ColdFusion and Adobe Collection experience. Skills in AutoCAD and 7 years experience in engineering field help me be ready for very difficult problems and have taught me to be able to do this in a short amount of time as well as the ability to find resources to find the answer to almost any situation that comes my way. 17 total years of web design & graphic art of various types. 15 total years of network administration plus 2 year degree in network administration. Also have passed all Dell Certifications for Desktop repair and maintance. Also have worked for Onforce as a sub contracted employee for companies such as Charter Communications, AT&T, Dish Network, DirectTV and Vonage.